This animated fable tells the story of a starving fox and a cunning chickadee, who find themselves trapped in a standoff. Without chance on his side, the chickadee turns the tables on the fox by proposing a plan that would feed him for the winter (instead of just a 'snack'). But there's a catch: the two will need to work together to steal the feast.

  • Writer/Director/Animator: Evan DeRushie

  • Co-writer: Daniel Warth

  • Additional story: Zazu Myers

  • Starring: Kathy Philson and Paul Aspland

  • Puppets: Graham Read, Bonnie Burns and Karen Valleau

  • Additional animation: Mike DeCroock and Philip Eddolls

  • Sets: Winston Hacking

  • Props: Martin MacPherson

  • Paper design: Zazu Myers

  • Character design: Nataly Kim

  • Music: Bram Gielen